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Field Farm History

Field Family Farms is a 5th generation farm near Lake Preston, SD.

Today it consists of both the Omdalen and Fjelde land homesteaded or purchased by my ancestors, along with other rented acres.

T.T. Thoreson (Great Great Grandfather) left Numedahl, Norway in 1871 and set sail for America.  He settled on the north shore of Lake Whitewood.  After arrival he changed his name from Thoreson to Omdalen.  The land he homesteaded there is still the base of today’s operations.

Eric Fjelde (Great Grandfather) also set sail from Norway and settled about 10 miles further north, what we call the North Preston area.  He also changed names upon arrival first to Fjeld and then to Field.

Robert Field Sr. and Gwendolyn Omdalen (Grandparents) lived and farmed on both families farms before purchasing their own farm 3 miles east of Eric’s.

Currently, I (Matthew Field) am running the farm with help from my 3 children.combine