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Matthew Cash Field Jr.


Summer 2012

Sorry for the delay in keeping everyone posted, summers are busy on the farm and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit at the computer.  This summer has been a difficult.  We had a bad hail storm in June, damaging all of our buildings and vehicles at the north farm, along with 110 acres of corn.  Also in June we started into a dry spell, at this point all of our Brookings County corn is extremely poor our Kingsbury corn is holding on but will not be great, the beans in both counties have a chance but will need some rain to finish. 

Pastures are dried up and will be weaning calves in the next week or so, had decent grass hay crops. 

Kids are busy with swimming lessons, helping on the farm and 4-H.  Audrey will be showing her horse at state and made the state livestock judging team.  County fair for her other projects is in August so I will try and keep you posted.  Hopefully will be able to figure out how to post pictures by that time.

Week of 5/28/12

Rolled up first crop alfalfa.  Finished all spot spraying.  Now time to get some side-dressing done!!  Audrey has been riding horse most days.  Matthew now has a set of boxing gloves watch out Mike Tyson!  Caught a couple of nice rains this week probably 1.2 in total. 

The week of 5/20/12

Update from the fieldfamilyfarm. 

1st cutting alfalfa laid down this week, had one good day of drying weather, followed by rain, and cool damp weather, hope to get it rolled up next week.  Even though it will not be good quality hay I was glad to see the rain!  I do have a lot of old crop grass hay for sale if anyone is interested.  Did some spot spraying in pastures, corn, and beans while having an interesting debate on Facebook about GMO’s and Monsanto (as I was applying their product).  I can only hope that a website like this will help to bridge the generation farm gap that continues to widen.  The disconnect between urban and rural America is truly unfortunate.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Also please follow us, we are here to help!


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Matthew Cash in the corn field